Next big position

hos Amazing company

Do you have an offer for me?

Then please take a moment to read through these guidelines before presenting them to me:

  • I cannot work in Copenhagen due to delivery and pickup of my son
    • Herlev and Ballerup are good suggestions or the area around there
    • Other locations need to be easily accessible by car from Stenløse
  • Relocating it not an option
  • 100% remote work is not an option. I really like going to the office and getting the team dynamics with people, so not possible to do a lot of remote work if the location is not working. I don't want to be the one who doesn't come to office, as I like to go to the office and get that feeling with people.
  • I don't do consultancy work, neither at client locations
  • If you have a salary range, please inform me with your offer
    • Spending 3 interviews to arrive at the conclusion you cannot afford me would be bad
  • I need details about the specific technologies to be curious
  • My name is "Laurits" with an "S", not a "Z"
  • Don't rush me to send details for you, to inform me the responsible person will not give me a response in as fast manner as I was rushed for details
  • If you think I am an Java developer, you are not the one that will find my next position, because you haven't read about me, or don't got the knowhow