Senior System Developer

hos Bluegarden

  • Contributed to a 46% increase in surplus for my area of business, and 17% growth (in 12 months)
  • Speedup of initial login by 50 - 65% by minimized sql calls, optimized data collection, delayed data load
  • Automated builds and unit testing (TDD) in certain environments (CI)
  • Conversion to Bluegarden HR API (REST API)
  • Restructure and speed improving reminders module due to higher customer base (Improved 30-40% dependent on reminder type)
  • NemKonto on Employees in Orkide
  • Optimizing report for Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Member of Bluegardens board of browser white list
  • Release notes for end users
Lautrupbjerg 6
DK-2750 Ballerup
Tlf. 72 27 90 00